The Attraction

Hot. Girls. Everywhere! 

I just want one to kiss and be myself with. But I’m still in the closet and I don’t know how to come out, not to mention I have a boyfriend (sigh). There’s only two people who I have definitely come out to; the first girl I ever made out with and an ex-boyfriend who I recently had coffee with. The girl who I “explored” with is not really in my life anymore and the situation occurred during the summer between seventh and eighth grade so I doubt she even remembers. As for the ex, we went to coffee to try to become friends again and I ended up nonchalantly coming out to him. It confused us both. I was shaking after it happened and told him not to tell. But we also talked about how it explained a lot of my past behaviors and actions in our relationship.

Now that I’ve admitted it to someone I’m really embracing it, a board on Pinterest dedicated to women I find attractive, getting a Her (Datcch) account, flirting with the gorgeous girl I’m crushing hard on in my Health class. Not that any of this is embracing the rest of the world but at least I’ve admitted it to myself. 

There are all of these beautiful women everywhere and I want to kiss them all! But I don’t know who’s straight or not, or how to flirt with a girl properly. I’m just not quite comfortable with my sexuality yet. But I have no problem getting off to women, that’s for sure. I 


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